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FIT --- Fault Injection for TTA


EU project IST - 1999 - 10748

The main objective of the FIT project is the experimental validation of the system concepts of TTA (Time-Triggered Architectures), taking the prototype TTP/C controller chip, developed within the ESPRIT project TTA, as the basis. EC project under the guidance of Carinthia Institute of Technology.

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Herbert Gruenbacher, Carinthia Tech Institute - CTI

Project partners

Fault Injection by Simulation --- Workpackage 4 Solved by CTU and UWB

Authorised person: Prof. Ing. Jan Hlavicka, DrSc. (in memoriam)
Members of the team:

Hlavicka Jan researcher CTU
Racek Stanislav researcher UWB
Herout Pavel researcher UWB
Dudacek Karel researcher UWB
Grillinger Petr PhD. student UWB
Jezek Jan student UWB
Soukup Martin student UWB
Fartak Jiri student UWB
Krejzek Tomas student CTU
Jun Michal student CTU
Benesova Helena administrator UWB

Available materials

Executable applications

So far there is little or no documentation available for these applications. Some information can be extracted from the available publications. Further documentation will be added as it becomes available.

Associated Publications

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